Mighty Well Blog Features hunting4spoons!

"The shirt (and my company), in a big way, represents my own struggle with Lyme. I am constantly trying to keep my own Ying and Yang in order. I struggle to keep the light and dark balanced. I started this business to help raise funds for my treatment while promoting Lyme Disease Awareness. It turns out, this venture has given me back some desperately deserved sanity. I have found that my “positivity” is coming from a place that I least expected to find it…. in my own story." - Jo

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Lyme Light Stories features a Q&A with Jo!

"One February morning in 2016, I woke up with severe vertigo that  persisted for over a month. Vertigo was the first extreme symptom that I  experienced that prompted my hunt for a real diagnosis. I was  told that I had vertigo due “to a potentially inflamed balance  nerve” or due to a “virus.” Even after the vertigo fully subsided, I was never “balanced.” During this time, I was diagnosed with an ear infection, a sinus infection and the flu.  After the vertigo became less severe,  I started to develop random jaw pain. Soon after, I was given a diagnosis of  “TMJ.”   Lastly, I will include my favorite diagnosis. Because EVERY person with Lyme has been told this at least ten times….

 I was crazy, my symptoms were psychosomatic OR my pain tolerance is just too low.    

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